Black Street Surfaces Matter: What If Black Asphalt Were Changed to White Road Surface Material; Also Using Toll Roads & Embedded Battery Charging Inductions.


Black asphalt absorbs heat from Sun: White road surface reflects heat from Sun.
Dark-colored asphalt absorbs between 80 and 95 percent of the sun’s rays
Heating up not just the streets themselves but the entire surrounding area.
Surface temperatures on asphalt roads can climb to 150.
Exacerbates a phenomenon known as the “urban heat island effect”,.

When temperatures in S California rise above 100 degrees, road become hot.
White road surfaces reflect heat and sun light. Paint, new materials being used.
Example is concrete, or white asphalt, but more expensive choice for road surfaces.
But lasts longer & provides more stable environment for heavier vehicles.
Alternative materials reduce consumption of natural aggregates/recycles materials.
Such as Blast furnace slag, demolition rubble, crushed concrete, & bottom ash from municipal solid waste incinerators

LA has partnered with landscape product company Technisoil.
Has plan to pave roads with a new material called “plastic asphalt.”
Surfacing material used an oil made from shredded plastic waste as its binder.

Use of White Asphalt:
White asphalt is light-colored substance is cool pavement treatment called CoolSeal by GuardTop®.
CoolSeal achieves lower surface temperatures through lighter color & solar reflectivity.

Reasons that concrete is not used everywhere:

  1. Concrete is a lot more expensive than asphalt.
  2. Takes a lot more time for concrete to dry than asphalt, meaning that it takes longer to open a road after roadwork.
  3. Driving on concrete is much louder than diving on asphalt because of the physical properties of the material.
  4. When there is snow and ice on the road, the dark asphalt warms up more quickly, meaning that the snow and ice melt faster.
  5. Road salt used to melt snow and ice is more likely to damage the surface of concrete.

EPA says can add up to 22 degrees Fahrenheit to the average air

“The city conducted extensive lab tests of the TechniSoil product and came away impressed, calling it a potential “game-changer.’’
– Adel Hagekhalil, executive director of LA Bureau of Street Services – StreetsLA


1)Dana Point GuardTop Corporate Office
Dana Point, CA 92629
(877) 948-2738

2) Renaissance Asphalt Services
Murray, UT 801 244-1363

3) “Drive the plastic highway? How a California company’s innovative repaving process could lead to the ‘holy grail’ of road construction.” –


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