So And So What? New Mantra for Every Communication.Tell People What They Need to Know Right Now; Then Tell Them What They Could Do About it


It is virtually impossible for a reader to quickly grasp most print & digital content
Caused by too much focus by print & digital authors being storytellers not signifiers.
Who has time to read long articles of endless subhead-less content ?
Armed with pen, scanning eyes, and key word vigilance, readers dig & focus.
Most magazine & newspaper articles go on & on with no eye help for the reader.
Story telling as such maybe in peril is format of content does not change

People want to immediately know why the content was composed & published.
Posting content using So -So What format captures why content composed & action taken.

There appears to be no trade or consumer media that has experimented with digested content format.
No one has this truly figured out content publishing –But consultants who state the is not late.

Recently research re potential of thought leadership for B2B marketing.
48% of decision-makers spend an hour or more per week on thought leadership.
15% rated the quality of the thought leadership as “excellent.”
Only 29% of them said they gain valuable insights more than half the time.
75 % of companies focus on how content marketing enhances brand strategy.
Or on awareness programs to strengthen the parts of the customer’s journey.
Other five (25%) focused on driving better digital sales enablement.

“How to Make a Better Case for Content Marketing in 2021” –

Robert Rose

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