AI, Drones, & Machine Learning Making 4 Day Work Week Possible. Changing the Nature of Work & Jobs; Impact on Economy & Worker Function in Question.



Employees clock eight fewer hours over four days for no less pay in pilot study

Kickstarter company embraces remote work during initial stage of the pandemic

Crowdfunding company allowed employees to clock 8 fewer hours over 4 days for no less pay,


Embrace of remote work during initial stage of the pandemic proved concept.

Boss wants to reward employees with a new perk: the four-day workweek.

Fewer hours work model is getting a new look during the pandemic

Companies experiment with cures for employee burnout fewer


A critical component to making the shorter week work is that employees need to relearn how to work in a more focused way,


“You can’t learn until you start doing it,” Mr. Hasan said. “People are curious what it will look like and if it will work.- Kickstarter Chief Executive Aziz Hasan

“The experience of the pandemic and working from home has us beginning to question all the face-time requirements of the workplace,”
 –Ben Hunnicutt, a professor at the University of Iowa and the author of “Work Without End,”


Is a Four-Day Week the Future of Work? -WSJ –

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