Congressman Accesses Molokai Challenges & Needs During 4 Day Visit. Kaiali’i Kahele, 2nd Congressional District. He Listened & Made a List


Newly elected congressman spends time listening to Molokai citizens
Seeks to learn what the issues, problems & challenges on Molokai

Spent four days on Molokai in August 2021
Rarely does Molokai gain so much attention from congressional representatives.

Issues He Outlined on his List: :

  • The Subsistence lifestyle on Molokai
  • Soil erosion and watershed research
  • Services access challenges of Molokai veterans,
  • Obstacles being faced by local Molokai farmers.
  • Money for fences is number one on his priority list
  • Money for small farm equipment is really important
  • Water infrastructure is vital as well,
  • Deer are totally destructive,

Groups or People He Spoke to-

  • Fishpond restorers
  • Large-scale farmers
  • Backyard gardeners,
  • Staff at a variety healthcare organizations

SEZ: [by the Congressman]
“Part of the challenges for Molokai that will need to be determined in the future is “what is the fate of Molokai Ranch.”

“What are the economic drivers of this island and what does the community want in terms of what that future looks like?”

“I’m always one that wants to hear what the community wants, I think that’s better than myself… to tell Molokai what is in their best interest.”


Congressman designated Molokai Representative as resident Gene Ross Davis;
Davis’ is acting homestead supervisor for  Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.
Kahele is from the village of Miloli’i on Hawaii Island,
He is a combat veteran, pilot, commissioned officer in the Hawaii Air Nation Guard



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