MS13 Gang Holds Grip on MacArthur Park. Attacks Transgender Women; Has Shadow Authority Over Residents & Local Economy in LA. Victims Told to Pay Rent or Die



  • Park famous for the song – McArthur Park by Richard Harris.
  • “Someone left the cake out in the rain”. Can LA take it anymore?
  • Gang forces park residents to pay “tax” rather look over their shoulder.
  • To MS-13, MacArthur Park is not just a territory but a source of revenue.
  • Gang tries to collect a percentage of everything sold inside it: drugs, food, gambling, sex.
  • Gang has even begun demanding rent from people living in the park.
  • The gang typically doesn’t demand large sums of money.
  • Those beholden to the gang’s authority are those least equipped to resist it.


  • MS-13 born four decades ago in the neighborhoods surrounding MacArthur Park
  • Thousands of Salvadorans settled after fleeing civil war in their homeland.
  • Today MS-13 has cliques, or subsets, throughout the U.S. and Central America,
  • MacArthur Park is still considered its “Mecca,”

Mara Salvatrucha, commonly known as MS-13, is an international criminal gang.
Originated in Los Angeles, California, in the 1970s and 1980s.
Rivals18th Street GangLatin KingsBloodsNorteños and affiliated gangs

“If I tax someone $10 a week, it’s a small amount” to the victim, said Lt. Michael Ling, who oversees Rampart gang officers.
“They’d rather pay the tax than have to look over their shoulder,” said Officer Daniel Cardenas,

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