Penn State Startup Seeks to Understand & Improve Emotionally Healthy Children. Mission is to Reduce Disruptive Behavior & Produce Safer Schools



  • Startup TEAMology helps students  get  to develop socially & emotionally.
  • Fills need to understand & improve emotional health in children
  • Seeks to Enhance child’s ability to succeed in school, career, & life.
  • TEAMology provides educators with SEL & career Readiness language,
  • Includes tools & curriculum to reach every student & meet regulation

SIGNIFICANCE: [The Success of the Program: ]

  • DECREASE in disruptive behavior incidents – 70%
  • INCREASE in test scores – II %
  • INCREASE in positive school culture – 30%
  • Has Produced Transformational Performance Improvements
  • Safer schools produce stronger students & results in greater success
  • Support states, districts, and schools and convene leading thinkers
  • Ensures SEL is be a priority in every school.
  • A commitment to advancing equity and excellence in education

Teamology provide Social Emotional Learning: Professional Development.
Teamology is  evidence-based social & emotional learning & part of education

Teamology Solutions are:

  • CASEL Aligned [
  • MTSS Aligned with easy integration to PBIS
  • Intuitive, using innovative technology
  • Flexible in approach
  • Easily integrated with other initiatives and programs
  • Simplify & strengthen SEL for students, families, & educators

Core Program is TeamTalk :

  • Based on Resiliency – a core facet of social emotional wellness
  • Focuses ability to bounce back when something tough happens.
  • Helps students understand they can overcome obstacles
  • Further explores the ability to cope with problems and find hope.
  • Recognizes to be resilient, need to be able to take care of ourselves,

Michael Pochan,  Technology & Management Consultant

Penn State startup incorporates AI into K-8 social emotional learning –

Linsey Covert, TEAMology founder and CEO.




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