Conflict of Interest & Horse Ownership at Breeders Cup Creates Financial & Ethical Issues for Board Members. Makes Horse Racing Industry Incestuous



  • Breeders Cup Board Members own Horses trained by Baffert
  • 12 of the 14 members of the Breeders’ Cup Board involved;
  • Have either had Baffert train their horses
  • Or stand stallions whose value he helped create.

SIGNIFICANCE:  Board Members Involved

  • Chairman Barbara Banke owns a piece of five of them.
  • Breeders’ Cup Vice Chairman Anthony Beck nor President Drew Fleming
  • William Farish, a Breeders’ Cup board member
  • Breeders’ Cup spokesman Jim Gluckson
  • Equine attorney William Gotimer
  • Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association CEO Alan Foreman
  • Thoroughbred consultant Ric Waldman


  • Board Members should put their horse ownership in a trust.
  • Horse Racing Industry needs Independent Oversight Board.
  • Industry needs to become really transparent in all its affairs


“Trainer Bob Baffert’s case underscores horse racing’s conflicting interests” –

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