You, Too, Can Compost & Have a Garden; See What University Academic-Entrepreneur Did: How Does Your Garden Grow? Responsibly?



University academic, entrepreneur, and game changer, Mike Pochan,  shows what you can do with composting

SIGNIFICANCE:  Here is a great story of how did it and Keeps doing it. 

“My history with composting

As a child in our Suburban neighborhood, my dad had a garden and a separate compost pile.

Beyond grass and leaves we through in eggshells banana peels Etc.

It takes an effort to turn the dirt in the compost pile so that the bacteria in the soil can rot the items.

To mitigate the smell my dad would sprinkle powdered lime on the top. We never measured the methane output.

Behind my first house in Pittsburgh I built a terraced garden and I composted directly into the garden after the growing season was done.

It takes an effort to get a shovel and turn the dirt.

Nearby in Frick Park was a 1 acre community garden where people could claim a section and grow a garden.

Some composted, some didn’t. Chatham University provided short courses in how to properly compost.
The garden was plowed over and grass planted. Too many people were stealing others produce. Marxism takes no effort.

At my second house I had a substantial Garden but I was not as attentive to the composting. But I did compost leaves and grass.

The spot where I was composting was reclaimed by the neighboring car dealership.
So then I had to take my grass and leaves to a rural lawn and garden center who was composting as shown in your photo.

There is a lot of material that could be composted at home and not sent to the landfill.
BUT people will tell you they do not have the space next to their swimming pool and they do not have the time to maintain it. It also assumes they have a garden.

Hauling it away for composting is yet another cost like garbage removal.
I am fortunate that my small burro will suck up our leaves and remove them.
My grass is cut every week and is mulched back into the grass.
Some people do not want to do that because it shows in their meticulous yard and get tracked into their Range Rover.

It is a lot of manual work.
You need to separate your garbage in your kitchen which would be a third container ( garbage, recyclables, compost ).
You need to buy a shovel, some work boots, a bag of lime ( I suggest Tractor Supply if you are near one ) and possibly the right bacteria.
They actually sell different bacteria in the lawn and garden stores for people that put in small doggie septic tanks.
I know this because my daughter did one. It works. Course you have to have a shovel to pick it up and drop it into the septic box.”


Mike Pochan – Author of this, Gardener, Academic,  and expert Composter for years before recent adoption.

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