Is the Cost to Develop an Ingenious Algorithm Worth It? So you can go fishing? Or How much is that Algorithm Doggie in the Measurement Window?


Just develop or create an algorithm to solve a problem– Easy to do?
Turns out, programming an algorithm uses a lot of energy.
So much so that researchers are developing tools to measure how much
Need to understand the impact of this carbon foot print on the Environment.

Training an algorithm is not easy or cheap.
Involves days of processing by data center servers & chips
One algorithm can produce emission footprint equal to lifetime of 5 cars

Researchers & Scientist encouraged to mitigate their carbon footprint.
The cost if using computers that run on solar power or hydroelectricity.
Resulting in less training time and data for an algorithm coding.
Tool is being developed to automatically determine amount of dioxide emitted.
An online carbon emissions calculator for machine learning re [searchers
Measure hardware type, hours, and cloud provider.

“ If people could see the true cost of an algorithm systems,
there would be harder questions asked about the convenience vs.
the worth of the planetary cost.” – Kate Crawford, AI Now Institute, NYU.

“Our main goal is to just raise awareness” [per Kate]

Companies – Element AI [Developed the Calculator]; [Track & compare machine learning experiments.

_”Researchers Focus on AI’s Energy Use” – WSJ July 2021

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