The Great Carbon Pull Is On: Company Seeks to Find Cheaper Way to Remove CO2; Uses Direct From Air Process, Shipping Containers, & Zeolites


Humanity will not only need to avoid new carbon emissions if possible,
Also to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
To avoid warming the planet by more than 2 degrees Celsius,
Negative-emissions technologies, of which DAC is just one
Needed to remove billions by 2050

One way to do this: Direct-air-capture (DAC) technology.
Pulls CO2 directly out of the air, so it can be stored somewhere else.
But the high cost of DAC today means few companies currently use it.
CarbonCapture plans to store CO2 it pulled out air in basalt-based minerals
Being on-site will make that integration cheaper

5 DAC plants around the world remove less than 10,000 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year

Carbon Capture says it has a cheaper way to achieve negative emissions.
Raised $35 M in a Series A round; 2 yrs away from commercializing its tech,
Plans to use funding to accelerate production & deploy initial DAC systems.
Uses zeolites—an abundant, stable, and low-cost mineral—to absorb CO2.
Company first to use process uses shipping-container-sized modules
Fans pull air in through the zeolites and dehumidify it,
Resulting in the bonus byproduct of purified water, and leaving the CO2.

The Company has Partners
Rio Tinto to use its DAC system at the Tamarack nickel mine,
Operated by Talon Metals.

“That’s happening all the time. It just happens over thousands of years,” —.

“You can accelerate that by basically crushing that material, making it finer, and then putting it in contact with higher concentrations of CO2.

You can take that thousands of years and bring it down to sort of hours or days”.– CEO Corless

CarbonCapture is one step closer to pulling CO2 from the atmosphere –


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