Here’s A New, Innovative Form of City Government: Put All Functions of Public Safety & Control Including Police Under One Combined Department; And No Defunding of Police


City government are caught up a bind between policing & crime prevention.
Choose between defunding and defending traditional police practices & functions

Crimes, rioting, & protests gone up in most U.S. cities.
Need for bottom up public safety function by cities.
City public safety organization to prevent crime by being proactive.


Basic Initiative:
Combine Police & Public Safety Department’s including function & leadership.
Funding of Police Dept would remain the same as City government has set.
All functions of a City would be integrated into one Public Safety Dept & Mgt.
Final Dept would be from the Street Up so to speak- Officials on the “Ground”
Primary mission would be to provide a safe & secure environment for the city, Encompass jurisdiction & authority to assigned community.
Objective: improve public trust, public safety, health services, & culture change.

Proposed New City Public Safety Organization:

1) Public safety departments would include Police, Fire, Safety/Emergency,
Health & Safety Services including any matter or issue involving the general
welfare & safety of the city and citizens.

2) Public Safety Resource Protection and Emergency Services Director & Administration would provide leadership & strategic guidance.

3) Suggested 5 organizational divisions of the Office of Law Enforcement Support: Law Enforcement, Security, Intelligence, Technology, & Interior Security.[OLES]

4) OLES to include within the Health and Human Services Agency
Dedicated to a safe & secure environment for patients at state & local facilities.

5) OLES would develop law enforcement, security, & intelligence policies & procedures

6) New integrated department would merge administrative, upper management, and support functions, while maintaining the traditional distinct job functions of police officer, firefighter, or paramedic, healthcare, & support services.

7) Health Services could be either apart of or adjunct to Public Safety with functions, priorities, & civic objectives to be coordinated & integrated.

First Task to Accomplish- Training & Cross Training of City Departments:

Directed funding needed for train new police officers in violence prevention. Officers would receive implicit bias training & use of body cameras.
Community policing would be emphasized.
Policies rewritten to include a “duty to intervene”.
Public safety officers to be cross-trained as both a police officer & a firefighter. Dept of Public Safety to be state cabinet level agency including the state police.
Capitalize on lead of several cities now who have strong public safety partnerships with Police in effect.

Examples of Cities Where this seems to be happening.

Cities that have or are developing such Public Safety & Protection Organization:
Sunnyvale, CA;
Camden, NJ
Canton MI
Los Angeles

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A Package Deal: Police, Fire, and EMS All in One

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