Hang on to Your MBA Hat.! “The Golden Passport “is New Book about Harvard & MBAs Causing Consternation on & off the Campus in Cambridge & Wall Street

The Golden Passport by Duff McDonald basically says that Harvard is an elitist place for those that are either elite in the first place or soon get that way when they attend and graduate, particularly with an MBA

MBA’s from Harvard seem to have an immediate ticket to a 6 digit salary, excessive bonuses, and entry into the halls of finance and management and then to great wealth and clout thereafter.

We know that Carnegie Mellon is “Power Center” for Technology and all things scientific and experimental so we asked our Contributing Editor in Pittsburgh, Mike Pochan, a Carnegie Mellon grad and sometimes CMU professor to cast some insight and perspective on HBS vs CMU, and here’s what he told us:

What is your assessment of this “Indictment of the MBA Expectation” by the author of “The Golden Passport”, Duff McDonald?


Using Harvard Business School as the poster child for all MBAs is like saying Trump represents all Republicans;

HBS is in a class of its own. It is the pinnacle of elitism which is not necessarily bad.
The average MBA schools do not create elitism; those ranked 1 – 10 might, but not 11 – 50. Greed is behind it all. HBS leverages that.

The Moral Failure of the MBA Elite is not because of the MBA, but because of erosion of our society’s morals.

What does the faculty at CMU have to say about the book’s premise that HBS and other elitist institutions and particularly Carnegie Mellon today?


They know they have an excellent product i.e. what is researched and then taught to the MBA students.
The CMU MBAs are still known to be techno-savvy quant jocks in an environment where tech dominates all.

And what is the role of MBAs vs Dropouts with their infatuation and attraction to and for Silicon Valley and the Pittsburgh Tech Tank?


The MBA is a tool set. Knowing how to use it well is a different story. Typically, MBAs are looking to pair up with the Tech Tankers. Only Luis van Ahn refuses to see the complementary value of the two disciplinary perspectives. His words: ” We computer scientists don’t need the business people. We are smart enough to figure it out for ourselves.”

“There are a lot of good MBAs out there carrying a lot of different passports. And they are not all “moral failures” as the author of “The Golden Passport, the book, seems to suggest.

—Mike Pochan, Contributing Editor to Fixesandsolutions.com;  m_pochan@yahoo.com

For the assessment of book reviewer on a Web site, see Reviews at bottom of http://prerelease.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-golden-passport-duff-mcdonald/1124116839?type=eBook


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