High School Jocks–Be Recruited by Colleges, Turn Pro, & Get a Full Boat Collegiate Athletic Scholarship to Play for the Alumni. Show Me the Money Not An Education –like $3.6 B Each Year.


Seems that Colleges have become rather like Pro Sports Team owners
Recruit star Hi School athletes, provide scholarship & then sells tickets to the games/
Getting the best scholarship to play sports determines where a hi school athlete goes.

Somehow the reason for going to college is about money & winning sports teams.
Colleges are sports content for TV, Radio, Internet, and print so ad money flows.
If you become a star athlete then you can dump your college scholarship.
And Go to real pro Team for Big Contract and bigger money.

Despite misconceptions, athletes in sports ranging from golf to water polo can earn athletic scholarships for college.
College sports are may have lost their mission to educate & prepare citizens & future leaders.

According to NCAA 180,000 student-athletes receive $3.6 B in athletic scholarships in Divisions I & II each year.
Average tuition and fees at ranked public schools for out-of-state students was $21,184
The average cost or scholarship amounted to $35,087 at ranked private schools.

“5 Myths About Athletic Scholarships” –

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