WHAT’S NEXT? The Power of Science & Technology is Taking the World Into New Era of Exploration & Experimentation; See List Growing With Investment & Innovation.


Seems to be more innovation, startups, & investment in Technology than ever.
Science is gaining more credibility in spite of COVID & Misinformation

Making a list of what is emerging will enable science & tech to focus.
All or most of the List are developed and gaining investment & impact.

Here are 22 emerging technologies to be watched, adapted, & adopted:

Solar Engineering
Heat Pumps
Hydrogen Powered Planes
Direct Air Capture
Vertical Farming
Container Ships with Sails
VR Workouts
Vaccines for HIV & Malaria
3D Printed Bone Implants
Flying Electric Taxis
Space Tourism
Delivery Drones
Quieter Supersonic aircraft
3D Print Houses
Sleep Tech
Personalized nutrition
Wearable Health trackers
The Metaverse
Quantum Computing
Virtual Influencers
Brain interfaceArtificial Meat & Fish

“It takes years to create an overnight success” – Economist Editors

The Economist Magazine‘s Annual Publication
The World Ahead 2022


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