What Are We Trying to Do? Save the Planet; Here are 10 Objectives to Get to Net Zero Emissions by 2050. Need for Speed & Scale


What is meant by net zero emissions?
Achieving a balance between the greenhouse gases put into atmosphere & those taken out.
State is also referred to as carbon neutral; although zero emissions & zero carbon are slightly different,
Usually means that no emissions were produced in the first place.

The Ten as a List

Electrify Transportation
Decarbonize the Grid
Fix Food
Protect Nature
Clean Up Industry
Remove Carbon
Win Politics & Policy
Turn Movements into Action

Adopt “Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now”
Seize on great opportunity to act on & solve the Climate crisis ASAP.
Available technologies could allow the U.S.to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Speed and Scale


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