No More Horsing Around: Horses Keep Being Put Down; 71 Race Horse Deaths at CA Tracks So Far in 2021; Activists Groups Demonstrate at Major CA Tracks;


Direct Action Everywhere held a demonstration last Sunday in protest of horse deaths at Golden Gate Fields.
Demonstrators held UP “tombstones” representing the deaths of 26 horses who died at the track in 2021.
The Horse Racing Industry does not seem yet ready to deal with what is “killing it off” – one horse at a time.

CHRB needs to do more than just set new standards for racing & track management.
Looks like Horse Racing Industry accepts the deaths of at least 100 horses for the year 2021;
Detailed action from December forum & conference needs to be posted & published.
Every organization, association, & industry entity must act together to save horse racing.

Statistics from the California Horse Racing Board show a total of 71 deaths at tracks statewide in 2021 YTD

1) “Activists Hold Demonstrations Over Horse Deaths at Golden Gate Fields” —

Activists Hold Demonstrations Over Horse Deaths at Golden Gate Fields

2) Direct Action Everywhere:
The Leader: Wayne Hsiung is an American attorney and activist.
Hsiung is a co-founder of animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere

3) The California Horse Racing Board’s list of equine fatalities


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