No More Standing in Long Lines; Biometric Screening Adopted by Travel Moves to Retail Stores; Avoids Waiting in Long Lines at Airports & Where Lines Form.


Biometrics scanners are hardware used to capture the biometric for verification of identity
Company, Clear Secure, Inc has screening product for air travel
Now new applications in retailing & store management are emerging.

Company is growing fast; 89% increase in recent quarter;
Clear in stores helping people be more comfortable with Technology.

Can be used to identify all situations.
Now bringing biometric signup scanners to apps outside the airports.
People can skip long lines by iris scans in airport lines& now retail.

Clear Secure billing increased 89%
Annual cost of Clear is $189

“People are still kind of scared by biometrics” –
Gabriel Cheung, global executive creative Dir.R/GA, a digital agency

WSJ 12 16 21
Biometrics Company Clear Brings Its Scanners to Retail Stores –



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