How Amazon Can Really Revolutionize Corporate America Even More-Turn Amazon Into an ESOP; NLRB Says Must Let Union Freely Organize; Rather Make Employees Shareholders


A move by Bezos to Make Amazon an ESOP would change corporate America.
Amazon would become America largest Employee Stock Holder Company.
Stakeholder Capitalism Solves Labor Union Conflict & Employee Issues;
Amazon would share success with employees with a “stake” in the enterprise.
Shareholders are always stakeholders in a corporation.
Stakeholders can become shareholders, own part of a public company.
Employee have shares of stock in the corporation they work for,
Stakeholders have an interest in the performance of a company
Includes stakeholders, stockholders, creditors, employees & families, suppliers, customers, community
Bezos To Be even bigger American Icon; Unions would represent employee-owners on decision boards

No More Strikes at Amazon; Every Employee Becomes a Stockholder.
Amazon awards every employee with stock grant at one year of service.
Jeff Bezos can solve multiple labor, anti-trust, & regulation issues, & conflicts
Making Amazon an ESOP would change the employee-company relationship.
Sets a standard or new business model for corporate structure & organization;
Would make union party to Amazon corporate decisions 

Amazon Reaches Federal Settlement Allowing Workers More Leeway to Organize –

Alexander William Salter – Assistant Professor of Economics Texas Tech U. 806-834-8186 @alexwsalter

Director of Communications Jim Lakely,

Shareholders are always stakeholders in a corporation, but stakeholders are not always shareholders
A shareholder owns part of a public company through shares of stock,
while a stakeholder has an interest in the performance of a company for reasons other than stock performance or appreciation.

The Union at Amazon:
Retail, Wholesale, & Department Store Union
Christian Smalls. Organizer

Major Retailers:
1. Inc. – Seattle, WA
2. Walmart Inc. – Bentonville, AR
3. The Kroger Co. – Cincinnati, OH
4. Costco Wholesale Corp. – Issaquah, WA
5. Whole Foods Market Inc. – Austin, TX
6. Sam’s Club – Bentonville, AR
7. Albertsons Companies – Boise, ID
8. Ahold Delhaize USA – Quincy, MA
9. CVS Health – Woonsocket, RI
10. Macy’s Inc. – New York, NY

ESOP Advisors
Lawrence Kaplan, Founder
Patrick Fallon, COO
Steve Berman, Managing Director

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