Money on the Waters—Cleaning Up the Ocean; Cost & Capturing Vast Ocean Energy are Constrained; Old Time Soylent Green Movie Depicts The Task & Its Cost


What is the SITUATION:
Technologies for Harvesting Ocean Energy need attention to go mainstream.
Cost to capture ocean energy is the major constraint.
Wave technology is in its early stages. Utility scale projects are years off.

Improving designs & processes of capturing ocean energy
Developing Supply Chains
Scaling up production
Getting cheaper funding
Money is sticking point in climate-change negotiations around the world.
Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius will cost more trillions than anticipated,
WSJ looks at how the funds could be spent, and who would pay.

1) Soylent Green Movie From Years Ago: 
How the movie got it right—
But there is one supply problem the movie got chillingly accurate.
Heston uncovers a secret report that says the oceans are dying,
hence there isn’t enough plankton to make Soylent Green the way the recipe intended.
Here in the real world, we know that plankton is in real danger from ocean acidification.
If its population crashes, the entire marine food chain could go with it.
Future generations might spend their golden years lamenting,

2) Ocean Energy Needs A Lift to get it going” – WSJ 01 04 22
Ocean Energy Needs a Lift to Go Mainstream

Companies Working on Ocean Clean Up:
• Ocean Power Technologies
• SIMEC Atlantis
• Verdant Power
• Sustainable Marine Energy
• Orbital Marine Power
• Magallanes Renewables

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