Cheap Drones Enabled Iran & Arabs To Use in Warfare Arsenal; Million Dollar Cost of U.S. Drones Constrains Use by Military; Interception of Swarms of Cheap Drones;


Cheap drones give Iran flight advantage in combat.
Iran is still using cheap drones against U.S. & Saudi Arabia
Drone Swarms are big challenge for U.S, Military.
Costly & complex U.S. drones used to counter & attack;

U.S. drones provide quick targeting of individual Iranian drone aircraft;
U.S. also using microwaves & lasers powered by electricity.
Firing microwaves at drones to fry their electronics is tactic.
Layered drone strategy being applied by U.S.
Jamming has become outmoded,

Patriot missile cost $3M

“Right now, generally, the advantage lies with the attackers,”  –  Frank McKenzie, the four-star Marine Corps general

The New Military Challenge: Defeating Cheap Drones

Low-cost warfare: US military battles with ‘Costco drones –

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