Looking for Some Action? Got a Plan? How Are You Communicating It? Is There A More Effective Way? One That Applies to Climate Change Plan & Things That Need to be Fixed? Listen & Learn


Developing an effective way & means to communicate plans of action is challenge.
The necessity to do this is often as important as the plan itself;

A) Listen and learn.
To effectively develop a climate or any action plan:
We can learn about the existing needs, best practices, & opportunities from people on the ground.

For a comprehensive plan, Use the following questions to guide your learning:
1. Mitigate: How does my sector, industry, or business contribute to climate change, and what do we need to do to decarbonize our work?
2. Adapt: How will climate change impact my sector, industry, or business, and what do we need to do to adapt and build resilience to climate impacts?
3. Unique Contribution: How can my sector, industry, or business uniquely contribute to the fight against climate change?
4. Equity: How in this moment of transition can we advance equity-focused work to ensure communities most impacted by climate change are centered?

B) Develop and implement a plan.
Using this framework and lessons learned, the team can then build a climate action plan.
Develop plan that considers the comprehensive needs to mitigate & adapts.
Seek better supporting opportunities to contribute to the climate fight & advance equity.

We Can All Join the Climate Fight – https://www.aspeninstitute.org/blog-posts/we-can-all-join-the-climate-fight/


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