Run for A Different Cover; You Can Reduce Use of Plastic Food Covers– Start With Brown Sandwich Bags; Goodbye to Plastic Food Covers This Time


Ban on Single Use Plastic in most parts of the U.S.
We are still not able to cooking & eating without plastic
Fragile fruits are still covered with& transported in plastic.
Plastic bags banned at Check Out in most states;
Believed to be way to Make Leftover Food Desire-able.


Environmental concerns are leading home cooks to embrace other methods of keeping food fresh.

Here is a list of packaging for stored & planned meals:

Brown Bags
Synthetic Plastic
Wax Paper
Glass Covers & Jars
Bento Boxes
Reusable Bees Wax wraps
Reusables, in general
Cover food with clean dish cloth

Goodbye to Plastic Food Packaging?


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