Investors Ho–Four Ways to Leave Your Loved Fossil Fuels; Start By Seeking Balance of Profits vs ESG Parameters; Government & Technology Combo Appears Best to Solve Climate change:


Investors are finding themselves in conflict between making money or making better World;
How do they achieve balance between investor return and concern for ESG?

Four Ways to manage carbon, fossil fuel, & climate impact:

1) Government Action – Forces owners of Coal, oil, & natural gas to leave fossil fuel in the ground;

2) Shareholder Force -Investor pressure would cause conflict with environmentalists

3) New Technology – Fossil fuel would be worthless if nuclear, solar, wind, green, batteries. & fusion were cheaper..

4) Consume Less – Use tax to reduce consumption & internalize cost of carbon.

1) “Investing to Stop Climate Change is Tricky:”

2) Author of this Bank & Finance Post –James Mackintosh, Senior columnist, markets, The Wall Street Journal
Joined the WSJ in 2016, after almost 20 years at the Financial Times, most recently as Investment Editor
Graduate of St Catherine’s College, Oxford, where he gained a first-class degree in Philosophy and Psychology.


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