New City Government Model That Does It All–Compassionate & Coordinated City Policing; Putting All City Depts on the Street With Police; Working Together; Managing, Preventing, & Dealing With Cause of Street Crime By Controlling Before it Happens


Here is the Concept, Possibility, & Vision of how Public Safety would be implemented;
Focuses on Crime Prevention by mobilizing Community policing, social, health and street work to prevent crime.


New city departmental organization & coordination—focusing on crime prevention, causes & sources;
How to structure: Create two police functions—Traffic & Community Service officers -both working together;
Seems to be no reason for current civic police to be in charge of road safety;
What could get in the way?—lack of support from a community that may turn on police or city agency;
Sociologists, criminologists, policing experts, nonprofit leaders, & legal scholars seek better understanding.
Creating alternatives to existing current one-size-fits-all model of police response & control
How we could design those alternatives to meet new & emerging unique challenges
Like an overwhelming presence of firearms, intertwined histories of racism and policing, & high rates in US.

Here are four possible solutions experts offered:
1) Create specialized traffic patrol officers [Focus keeping traffic moving]
2) Deploy community mediators to handle minor disputes [Getting professionals in the Streets]
3) Create a mobile crisis response unit
4) Experiment with community self-policing
Or what experts think that would/could look like.

4 ideas to replace traditional police officer-

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