Refigure—Reshuffle—Re-Think What You Do & How You Work; Don’t Quit; Fill a Need; You Can Make the Job You Accepted the Job You Wanted


The Great Reshuffle is upon us;
Work is now about the “Great Reshuffle.”
People aren’t just leaving the labor market,
But finding new jobs that better fit their lifestyle.
Workers – globally, people aren’t just leaving the workforce
Millions of people are reconfiguring their careers.

1. FINDING VERSUS CREATING FLEXIBILITY –Employees’ increased need for flexibility
Is most significant reprioritizations that has taken place during the pandemic.

2. Employees should consider pursuing idiosyncratic deals.
“I-deals,”are customized employee-employer arrangements that simultaneously meet the needs of both parties.

3) Pinpointing the source of the excessive job demands will enable employers to be match job to skill sets

4. Find a need and fill it; Every group of humans needs fresh eyes and fixing hands.

Nothing wrong with mixing things up and trying something new.
But before you change up your source of income,
Might be time to take a look in the mirror;
Consider what you can do to make things work where you are.

• Scott Dust, Ph.D., is a management professor at the Farmer School of Business, Miami University, and the chief research officer at Cloverleaf,
• Don’t quit yet: This is how to make your current job fit your needs –
• How the Great Resignation is turning into the Great Reshuffle;

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