You Can do it. –You Can Improve Yourself in 1-2 months; But You Got to Work at It Every Day; 8 Action-ables to Get You Started;


This list of Action-ables will help you take action and begin to improve your situation;


1,Focus on one thing
Many people always think that “super large information input + hard work = ability improvement”, but the actual situation is to make themselves very tired, but there is no effect. If you want to start to get better in a month, you have to do “subtraction” first, cut out the content that you don’t need temporarily from a lot of information input, and focus on one thing instead of blindly receiving a pile of knowledge.

2.Clarification motivation
When you’ve chosen something, think about why you want to be better at it? The more clearly you understand, the more successful you will be. You need to know the reason why you try so hard! For example, you want to learn English, why? Because you like watching English movies or want to travel to English speaking countries, you can communicate with native English speakers! Find a reason for your choice to stick to it! This reason will be the best motivation to support you to go on!

3. Define “better”
We are always saying, “I hope I can change well.” so what does “better” mean to you? Actually, there is no correct definition. The point is, you should know what kind of “better effect” you want to get? For example, how do you define a person who can learn English better.
• a. When talking to native English speakers, you can talk about anything
• b. There are many English speaking friends
• c. You don’t need subtitles to watch English plays. You can understand them completely
In order to measure the effectiveness of your efforts, you need to choose a definition to implement! In this month, you only need to aim at one goal to achieve it!

4.Act at least three times a week
Repetition makes progress. Progress comes from action, not imagination. For example, when I study English, I don’t take classes twice a month. Instead, I should study at least three times a week for at least one hour each time. This is an effective way to learn English!

5.Evaluate your results
No matter what the result is, we need to face it squarely! In fact, it’s more important than “result presentation” to analyze the results you’ve completed! Find out what makes you successful or you need to analyze your failure experience.

6.Make a hypothesis
Put forward the hypothesis “how can I do it to be better”? This “hypothesis” may not necessarily lead to success, but you have to assume that we use learning English hypothesis. Suppose you can learn better by doing this:
• Participate in an entity training course;
• Watch English plays every day;
• Chat with native speakers every day

7. Test your hypothesis
Your “hypothesis” may be true, or your “hypothesis” may not be correct. Negating your “hypothesis” is not a failure, but a further promotion of your success! Perhaps all of a sudden can not see the effect, but adhere to eliminate the wrong answer, is to make the road ahead more spacious!

8.Better ≠ Best
This month, “action – evaluate – Test – repeat” will really cost you a lot of time and energy! But that’s what learning itself looks like. You can’t get instant gratification like eating delicious food, but when you really get better, all kinds of opportunities will follow! Your goddess of luck will come when you are on the right path of hard work!
Don’t confuse the meaning of “better” and “best”. You can achieve “best” only if you keep doing “better”! To achieve “better”, you need to complete the above steps in a month. You can’t achieve “best” in a month, because this is not the rule of the world! But you can certainly achieve “better” in a month. Only when you accumulate 100 “better”, you can achieve “best”!

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