Gotta Have That New Vehicle? How to Cope With New Sticker Shock at Your Local Dealership. Use Build to Order From the Factory; Being Patient Works Well With Price, Planning, & Product;


People need to buy a vehicle for various reasons—must it be NOW?
Consumers seem to go temporarily insane in vehicle buying process;
Many times they could just wait for vehicle to be built, get a loaner-rental, or be patient;
Need to remove a sense of urgency from the vehicle sales process
Meantime vehicles in short supply & prices are skyrocketing..


In most cases, they could wait for the vehicle that want to be built;
“Build to Order” has never really be adopted by dealer or customers.
Dealer has to have the sale & customer needs wheels; Here we go.
Redirect the “Gotta have a new vehicle now” mentality of a overwhelmed buyer;
Ordering a Vehicle from the factory gives dealer control of price, planning & production

Last month, 82% of new-car buyers paid more than sticker price
Average price of Used or Pre-Owned Vehicle up to nearly 30%;

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