Taking Much Time To Read Long Print & Online Articles? Too Much Content? Print Posting Process is Obsolete; Need Whole New Content Writing Format? Gain Time to Read;


Secret is to write compelling stories people can’t help reading & sharing.
Format, Layout, & Length of Print Content is not now reader friendly;
Articles in magazines, newspapers, or even books dump content on the reader
No guidelines, points of order, organization, or significance of content’s message.

1) Use the H.I.T. Strategy
How to Help, Inspire, & Teach Your Way to Writing Success;
The H.I.T. — Help, Inspire, Teach — Strategy for writing articles

2) People read things for one or more of three main reasons:
To learn how to do something,
Fix a problem
Gain a new skill

People reading more but more content & complexity being posted;

3) What should/could be done with content structure?
 More Blow Quotes in print & online content;
 More Sub Headlines in posting that direct attention to content
 State Problem, Situation, or Issue to be fixed in first paragraph of post;
 Single sentence lead in content captures why the article.

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