Ready for Fire Storm Globally? UN Report Sounds the Alarm for Increase of Wild Fires; What Needs to Done? Be Ready & More

 Global Fire Management
03 06 22


Too Much Focus on Response ;Not Enough on Preparation.
Global Governments not ready for Fire Surge; CA Included;
Australia & Brazil are examples of vulnerability to country fires;
More Fire suppression practices & budget recommended by CA Governor;
Water sheds also have been degraded by wild fires, leading to soil erosion;
True cost of wildfires can go on for years;

Minimize possible Wildfire disaster by being better prepared;
California seeks to learn from hard lessons of past;
Newsom & Legislature added $1.2B to Annual budget
Prescribed burning most commonly used tool to fight wild fires
Forest Management to be foremost in state planning/budgeting;
Need for wild fire evacuation plans for specific communities;
More investment needed in fire risk reduction in local areas.

Siberian Wild Fire of 2020 { Remind Putin]

LAT –“ UN Wild Fire Forecast…” 02 25 22


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