What Are We Trying to Do? Save the Planet; Here are 10 Objectives to get to Net Zero Emissions in Next Ten years. Now How Are We Going to Get it Done?


What is meant by net zero emissions? Achieving a balance–
Between greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere & those taken out. ..
State is also referred to as carbon neutral;
Zero emissions & zero carbon are slightly different,
Usually means that no emissions were produced in the first place.

Adopt “Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now”
Seize on great opportunity to act on & solve the Climate crisis ASAP.
Technologies could allow the U.S.to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050

The Ten Action-ables as a List:

1. Electrify Transportation
2. Decarbonize the Grid
3. Fix Food
4. Protect Nature
5. Clean Up Industry
6. Remove Carbon
7. Win Politics & Policy
8. Turn Movements into Action
9. Innovate
10.Invest in climate change;

Speed and Scale [Book]

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