Abuse No Longer Excuse; Trainers Apparently Got By With It til SafeSport Investigated; Then Olympian Group Challenged & Division Occurred;


Maggie Kehring [who was 16] accused Fellers of sexual abuse;
Olympic Committee ended up in conflict with SafeSport Group;
SafeSport went after sexual abuse in equestrian Olympics team;
Prominent equestrian trainers were banned for sexual abuse & even arrested.
Traditionalists in sport are taking aim at Olympic watchdog, SafeSport
Was created to protect young athletes in all sports
Received 300 sexual complaints

The Problem with heroes falling
Kehring accused heroes who said not given a chance to defend;
How SafeSport went about the accusations was an issue.
Trainers do not need licenses which made them unaccountable;
Result could lead to fewer medals, less funding, & underwriting
Bought horse from Fellers stable. Then issue of abuse came up;
U.S. Center for SafeSport – couldn’t take action
Needed permission from Kehring, but did not trust SafeSport

Review & training course was instituted by SafeSport;
SafeSport also created rules to counter abuse
Several prominent trainers were dismissed.
Rich Fellers was arrested [60 years of age
SafeSport being weaponized

47 Equestrian Sanctions were issued by SafeSport
American Equestrian industry has over 3,000 annual shows.

“What Happened at the Stables?”
Business Week – Weekly Issue- March 14

SafeSport Authorization Act of 2017
Made law watchdog of amateur athletes

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