Watch Out!! Fixing Potholes Has Been Problem Forever; Testing Technology Designed by Local College Graduates Takes On Potholes in a High-tech Way.


Need to better prioritize what roads need to be repaired based on condition;
Worcester, Massachusetts is taking on potholes in new, high-tech way;

Got Potholes? This Team Has a Solution
City leaders able to determine how they want to use technology in the city.
Real-time monitoring to help cities save resources & prevent headaches;
System, , was founded by a group of Worcester Polytech graduates.
Uses sensing technology to evaluate roads for infrastructure issues.
CVYL.AI detects, analyzes, & measures potholes& cracks,
Plus other pavement deficiencies that cause roadways to be in poor condition.

Alex Wyglinski, professor of electrical and computer engineering, served as faculty advisor for the team,
and said “the students drove this effort 100 percent.”


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