Lost in the Males; Women Could End This Chaos; We Need Women to End Wars. Males Have Made a Mess of World Management, Mother Knows Best,;



Women are disproportionately affected by violence in the World,
Yet excluded from negotiations around conflict prevention & resolution.
Women’s bodies have become battlefields and collateral,
While men alone strategize on tactics & post-conflict reconstruction.
Covid-19, climate change & food insecurity increased risks to women & girls..\
Nonetheless, women continue to be side-lined in peace efforts.

Example—In Ethiopia, which is affecting over 6 million people,
Women face displacement, abduction, sexual slavery, & HIV/AIDS crisis..
Women rarely discussed, & women remain largely excluded from decisions

Peace agreements are reached faster, last longer when women involved.
Yet still, women are rarely included.in peace process,
When they are, participation is representational rather than substantive.
Gender rights are hesitantly, if at all, integrated in negotiations for ceasefires.
Theme of this year’s International Women’s Day urges us to “Break the Bias”
Countries have localised implementation of Resolution 1325 national action plans.
Promoting women to decision-making during conflicts will require all new efforts.
Groups must consider gender dimensions of war to protect women and girls.
Civil society groups must integrate gender to the centre of their work on conflict

“We need women to end wars”

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