HELLO Dolly–Goodbye 9 to 5; Now It is About Work Place Flexibility–Where You Are & When You Do Work; Work is Working. You Decide & Get It Done.


People want to decide where and how they work.
And they want to set their work hours & tasks;

Set up Work Flexibility fosters work productivity
Such as Flextime is becoming the employee handbook buzzword
Practice it is not widely used. Some roles are legitimately time-framed;
Set Up Flexible schedules & employees to work at times best for them
Benefits would be a healthier & more productive, creative & loyal work force.
Scrapping meetings contributes to productivity

30% considering new job if need to work in office.

“I think it’s really a shame that more companies don’t take advantage of it,”
“We get so much done, and I think a lot of it has to do with this flexibility, letting people work when they’re most productive.”—
Azad Abbasi-Ruby, the senior market research analyst at DuckDuckGo.

The 9-to-5 Schedule Should Be the Next Pillar of Work to Fall

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