Take Us to Your Leader —What Was Needed;–New & Different Leadership From Zelensky; Shows Us How to Communicate; Get On Point & Stick With Message;


With Ukraine under attack, Zelensky was there, telling, leading, & resisting;
Brought character, vision, & style from the comedy stage as an entertainer.
Has given Ukraine the will and forces to fight;

Two of Zelensky’s consistent management strengths:
1) His on-point messaging;
2) His unwavering dedication to the cause.

Appeared on television & social media platforms to reiterate his resolve;
Asked the world for help in fighting off Vladimir Putin’s brutal advance.
Juggling a number of urgent and often disparate issues at once.

“I think Zelenskyy has proven a master of this moment in ways that we rarely see.—Michael Useem, Wharton Professor

What Can Leaders Learn from Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy?


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