Rosewood Crisis Devastating West Africa: Elephants, Pythons & Wildlife Kills Get High Prices & Probe; Illicit Trade Decimating Species Worldwide; Conference Answers



World Wildlife Conference to put Wildlife & Rosewood trees on World agenda.
Viet Nam & Mombasa biggest exporter of Elephant trophy seizures;
Record Rosewood shipments out of Africa fits demand from China.
More Shipments to China, Viet Nam, UAR, U.S;
Ivory trade & tiger skins are resurging

Why is wildlife trade a problem?
Trafficking threatens security, hinders economic development,;
Also undermines the rule of law.
Illicit trade is decimating many species worldwide
Threatens iconic species — rhinoceroses, elephants, and tigers with extinction.

Makes Rules for pangolins, parrots, orchids, sea horses, marine turtles & sharks;
Three Levels of Wildlife Protection Needed:
1) Need to make Three distinctions as to what is wildlife
2) Spells out commercial rules covering 38,000 species of plants & animals.
3) Lists Penalties for violations.

Elephants Population Now –413,242 –Was 556,973

1) The World Wildlife Seizure Database – 180,000 seizures in nearly 20 years.


3)” U.N. to Discuss Wildlife Trade” – WSJ 03 21 22

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