Too Much Content & So Little Time to Grasp; What’s the Secret to Being Informed—Identify Core Message– Manage & Use of Multiple Sub Lines. Get to Point ASAP; Spell Out Action in Simple Short Wordage


Most of us strive to stay informed & know as much as possible;
Only in certain situations are some people staying informed
While frightening news can threaten people’s mental health.
Question is not whether the problem is real,
But how research might quantify & describe its true prevalence
Then determine how to address the problem with simply stated action-ables.

Problem with the linked articles–
Some People consume news without problem couldn’t fathom that there was a problem.
Why others might benefit from learning how to cope with “headline stress disorder.”
Says nothing about those who find current run of bad news anxiety-provoking

It does say a lot about the lack of empathy from those who would scoff at the idea
Being overloaded by massive headlines from multiple sources could only result in a cognitive disorder.

“Is headline stress disorder” real? Yes, but those who thrive on the news often lose sight of it”

“[T]he question is not whether the problem is real, but how research might quantify and describe its true prevalence, and how to address the problem.”

Michael J. Socolow is associate professor of communication and journalism at the University of Maine. This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license.

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