Forward March– Eyes Right: Proposed “Force in Readiness” Plan by Marine Commandant Causes Resistance From 24 Retired Generals; Congress Confused


Marine mission is to provide homogeneous, all encompassing “force of readiness”
Commandant Berger seeks to position Marine Corps to do so.
Causes concern among former Marine officer corps generals..
Retired generals raise questions about current commandant’s radical new ideas.

SOLUTIONS [Proposed changes to Marine Corps Mission] 

What the Commandant Berger proposal is all about –

Elimination of 3 Infantry battalions
Smaller battalions by 200 marines,
Elimination of two reserve to 8 presently;
Cannon infantry to be replaced by rocket artillery units
No more tanks in the Marine Corps
Cutback in Helicopter squadrons;

Momentous Changes in the U.S. Marine Corps’ Force Organization Deserve Debate –

General Berger

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