Help—We Are Melting!! And We Can’t Stop It; Time Not Man Causing Natural Climate Change; Cycles Come & Go; So Stop Whole Thing from All The Politics, Do Good-er Activism, & Doom Gloom;


Premise is that Climate will change regardless of what we do
Size, volume & complexity of its inner and outer workings & systems is beyond what .humans can impact.
Operates on timelines that last thousands of years.
Climate temperature data shows that the Earth is in a cooling cycle;
Actually Earth is in warming cycle in the last 100 years;
Problem is the cycle is tens of thousands of years long;
Ice shelves falling into ocean in Antarctic or Arctic seas are part of a natural cycle;
If we do less we will actually accomplish more.

Should we keep doing what we been doing for last 200 years?

Or specifically the following – What happens when you stop the Whole Thing?

 Decarbonization is a quest that should be ended. .
 Do not tighten the standards towards zero
 Let them continue in a reasonable manner of 5% reduction per year..
 Stop the EV hype. .
 Eliminate all research monies for climate studies at universities; .
 Reopen all of the oil and gas pipelines and grant all the permits for drilling and fracking.
 End career politics.
 Eliminate Earth Day

2021 was consistent with the long-term human-caused global warming trend
of about 0.2 °C (0.36 °F) per decade.

Amounts of CO2 & methane in the atmosphere are miniscule;
In comparison to oxygen nitrogen & argon as well as water vapor.

Research & Content Submitted by Carnegie Mellon Academic & Research Expert

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