Howl in the Night; Idaho State’s Action to Kill Wolves Based on Misconceptions & the Politics of Hunters vs Environmentalists; Groups Over Reacted to Elk & Cattle Deaths by Wolves;



An aggressive new law allows people to hunt or trap as many as they can.
Hunters & Citizenry being told Wolves eating Cattle and valued Elk.
Thus, Idaho is considered hostile to the grey wolf.
Keeping Grey Wolf Population Under Control Goes Political in Idaho;
Grey Wolves became problem when menu expanded to livestock;
Legislature reacted based on misconception that wolves were killing more cattle & elk
Animal protection groups reacted to the frenzy to kill wolves.

Cattle & Elk generate profit for Idaho residents & state government;
Generate a campaign to reduce the Wolf population at will
Need for Idaho locals to stop killing grey wolves

Estimated 1,550 Grey Wolf total population
Cattle generates $2 B annual revenue to State;
Wolf hunting fees for Elk are $6 M /Yr.

Idaho has-
Mountain Lions = 3,000
Black bears – 20,000
Coyotes = 40,000

“It is so much fun to shoot them” – Idaho Logger

New Yorker Magazine April 4th Issue, 2022 – Can’t copy link


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