Well, I’ll Be Droned—Deliveries to Your Door by Drone Are Coming : Drones May Be Future of Logistics; UPS With No Driver & No Truck;


Amazon, Alphabet and Others Are quietly rolling Out Drone Delivery Across America
Drone companies have been cleared to expand their operations across the U.S
At the same time tech has become faster & more reliable;
Drones becoming Contactless, Accurate and High Speed

Using drones & robots could bring costs down by 80 % for last mile delivery.


Here May Be The Future of Drones
The use of drone technology & drones for delivery is inevitable.
Multiple industries will leverage drone technology to bring innovation to their business areas
Surveillance, research, last-mile delivery, etc.
E-commerce giants have been in research, development, & filing patents in drone technology since 2005
Continue to be invested in this space & are focused on bringing down cost of operations
For last-mile delivery, improving delivery time, & integrating drone technology;
With mobile phone applications to provide better user experiences.
Drone delivery services will only grow in the coming years,
Companies to stay invested in drone delivery programs & technology enhancements
Then will realize operational growth and cost benefits.

Emerging Drone Delivery Operations
The drone delivery ecosystem includes multiple stakeholders such as
1. National Aviation Authority (primary stakeholder for any aircraft traffic management operation)
2. International Civil Aviation Organization
3. Drone owning company/ drone service provider
4. Drone pilots (the remote pilots who will be flying the drones)
5. Ground support team (manages drone launch pads and the loading and unloading of packages)
6. UAS registration system (includes capabilities of registration, and including operator and pilot information)
7. UAS traffic management system)
8. Drone manufacturers (companies that build the UAV/drones)
9. Technology providers


“The Future of Drones”

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