“Getting Old Sucks”—BUT It Does NOT Have To; Trick is to Develop Positive View of Age-ing; Counter View Fostered By Media; Find Ways to Go Positive; Need Vision


People & the Media have created a self fulfilling prophecy about aging;
Need for new ways of thinking & acting to break the Age Code;
Negative view of aging is killing people, impacting Health & Aging Process;
Same for dementia, hearing, & physical functions;
Are silent & deadly ways about ageism operating in our society;

Join the Age Liberation Movement;
Break the Age Code—as the book says;
People with positive view of aging are outliving those with negative;
Older people can expect memory to work as well as grandchildren;
Don’t ask to find how it was –just Google it;


Seek A Vision of Paradise: A Place where no one ages’

“Aging can become a homecoming, a rediscovery & feast of life” –Becca Levy, Author

Book Review in Monday, 04 11 22 Issue of WSJ
“Breaking the Age Code”


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