Food Insecurity Threatens The Globe; Pricing, Shortages Causing Unrest in Low Income Countries; Now in China; Wants to be Self-Sufficient; U.S. Be Vulnerable Also? Food Prices Up In All Countries;

Food & water may become the source of the economic survival of a given country;
Food shortage & security could be Ukraine’s downfall;
As Critics accuse China of hoarding grain;
Higher food prices can lead to social unrest in low-income countries;
Food accounts for a much larger share of all countries;
Africa food makes up 40% of consumer spending, compared to 17% in higher-income economies

Need for a Global Food plan & doctrine backed by all countries;
Adopt technology & plant production planning;
Mobilize food resources around these components;

Develop Planning That Deals With 5 components of food security?
• Availability of food. …
• Access to food. …
• Utilization of food. …
• Stability. …
• Malnutrition

29% of Ukraine’s corn in 2021 came from China
Food prices soared 12.6% between Feb & March to highest levels on record

1) The Economist 04 09 22 Issue “The Big Appetite”-

2) When China worries about food, the world pays

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