Being Kind May Be a Personality Trait; Maybe an Heroic Action; Or Could be Perceived as Weakness or Intrusion; Challenge for Strangers; Offer a Seat or Help;


People tend to be cautious about offering to do something kind for a stranger.
Such kindness assessed by asking people how often they carry out a list of kind acts.
Offering a seat on the bus to a woman sometimes manifests fear of embarrassment or rejection
In the US, the use of social media was more often given as a barrier to kindness.

Most common reason respondents gave was feared they might be misinterpreted
Biggest factor associated with kindness wasn’t age or income, but personality
Another finding which might shed light on our reticence to act;
Quarter of people worried about their kindness being perceived as a weakness

60,000 people from 144 countries chose to take part
Making it the world’s largest psychological study on the topic of kindness.

What stops people from being kinder?-
‘What we do and don’t know about kindness

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