Experiential Appreciation Effective Pathway to Meaning in Life. Find the 3 Factors–Coherent Life Style, Goal Oriented, & Life Matters. The Beauty of Nature is Great Start;


People need to gain the most out of life;
Appreciating beauty in the everyday gives s powerful sense of overarching purpose;

A subjectively meaningful existence —-Boils down to three factors:
1) the feeling that one’s life is coherent and “makes sense,”
2) the possession of clear and satisfying long-term goals
3) Belief that one’s life matters in the grand scheme of things.

Psychologists call these three things coherence, purpose and existential mattering.

Appreciate the Beauty if Nature Around Us Every day;
These moments may enhance how you view their life
People managed stress by focusing on their appreciation for life’s beauty;

The results confirmed original theory:
Appreciating small things can make life feel more meaningful.
But applying that insight can be difficult.
Modern, fast-paced, project-oriented lifestyles fill the day with targets & goals.
We are on the go, & we attempt to maximize output both at work & at leisure.
Focus on future outcomes makes it all too easy to miss what is happening right now

A New Dimension to a Meaningful Life

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A new dimension to a meaningful life. –

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