Live it Up; You Can Extend Your Life Span But It Takes Work Every Day; It’s a Mindset; A Way of Thinking & Acting; Can it be Done?


Aging is a disease that can be slowed, stopped, even reversed.
But you have to be ready to receive its benefits & invest the work

Attaining the spirit of the Longevity Mindset.

Examine and assess the six basic areas of life that everyone, whether you live on the margins or in a mansion, must negotiate.

1. Beliefs. At one end of the spectrum are people who see age 75 as the end. At the other end are people who see aging as a disease, and who actively track breakthroughs in biotech that have the potential to slow or even reverse aging. Which are you?

2. Media diet. The films, books, articles you consume have a deep, direct impact on how you think. Does your media diet reinforce the anti-longevity mindset? Or are you reading books like David Sinclair’s Lifespan, blogs like mine, newsfeeds like

3. Community. The people we spend time with also shape our mindset. Do you spend time with people who constantly worry about death? Or do you hang out with a younger, more vital crowd who surround you with optimism and a youthful vision of the future?

4. Sleep habits. We physiologically need eight hours of sleep per night. Do you burn the candle at both ends? Or do you prioritize this most valuable resource, using the best techniques to help you?

5. Your diet. You very literally are what you eat. The nutrients (or non-nutrients) you consume become your body, your mind, your spirit. Do you overindulge in good-tasting (sugar-rich) but destructive foods? Or do you craft a sensible diet and practice intermittent fasting to maximize your energy and longevity?

6. Exercise habits. Exercise—especially that which increases muscle mass—is crucial to longevity. Do you exercise a minimum of three times a week—perhaps taking peptides to maximize growth hormones and increase muscle mass?

7. Mindset. Do you cultivate your Longevity Mindset? Do you see your future as bigger than your past?
Laying the foundation of a Longevity Mindset doesn’t take any capital investment. Everyone has beliefs, a media diet, and a community. Everyone has to sleep, eat, and move around.


NOTE: The list above was extracted with attribution from the linked article content
Anti-aging technology is coming. Here’s how you can be ready for it – .

How To Foster A Longevity Mindset & Reap The Benefits

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