Change Your Understanding of Climate Change? Industry Analyst Suggests “No need to Be Alarmed”; Says Climate Change is Just Nature in Action Over Thousands of Years;


THE SITUATION [As Outlined & Contributed by Academic from Carnegie Mellon]

Here are his articulated points:

• The climate, which is ‘owned’ by Mother Nature, will change regardless of what we do. The sheer size, volume and complexity of its inner and outer workings and systems is beyond what .humans can impact. It also operates on timelines that last thousands of years.

• The relative amounts of CO2 and methane in the atmosphere are miniscule compared to oxygen nitrogen and argon as well as water vapor.

• The climate temperature data when looked at over the appropriate time frame shows that the Earth is in a cooling cycle; if you just look at the last 100 years you would conclude it is in a warming cycle

• Climate ‘chicken littles’ have been yelling Doom and Gloom for over 60 years; almost none of their predictions have come true

• The polar bears on the ice flows are not extinct; they are shilling for Coca-Cola

• The spotted owl is not extinct in the Pacific Northwest; one owl family was found living in a Kentucky Fried Chicken sign after environmental extremists claimed they were all dead

• Ice shelves falling into the ocean in the Antarctic or Arctic seas are part of a natural cycle; problem is the cycle is tens of thousands of years; based on environmental extremist claims 50 years ago, New York City should be underwater today. Venice should be gone.

PRESENTING SOME SOLUTIONS:[ As posted by Academic as Alternative to Above]

1. Decarbonization is a quest that should be ended. All it will do is end our standard of living because of the huge cost it imposes.

2. Several Industries have made great progress in curtailing the pollution that they once produced; do not tighten the standards towards zero but let them continue in a reasonable manner of 5% reduction per year..

3. Stop the EV hype. Our electrical grid, now with reduced reliable generation, will not be able to handle a forced shift; stop all subsidies right now including those for solar panels. The distortion of the market is too dangerous.

4. Take all the mental health specialists that they wanted for replacing police and have them counsel the people that fret over the climate.

5. Eliminate all research monies for climate studies at universities; it is the wrong incentive; if they truly believe there is a problem let them work on it on their own time.

6. Reopen all of the oil and gas pipelines and grant all the permits for drilling and fracking; we need our energy Independence now more than ever.

7. If they won’t impose term limits on the Senate and the House, then eliminate the pension plans; that will stop them from spending most of their time getting re-elected because it will drive out the people that were trying to make a living off of serving the real People. End career politics.

8. Eliminate Earth Day. Instead bring back Arbor Day and plant trees but do not foster climate catastrophe hysteria; explain to the children that we are planting these trees so we can harvest them for construction lumber in 10 years. And that they suck in CO2 and expel oxygen in the wonderful cycle of life that Mother Nature provides.

The moral to this diatribe; if we do less we will actually accomplish more.

In God I trust. [ See Source below ]

This Content is a Response to request for Solutions. Author is respected Industry Expert & academic from Carnegie Mellon U;

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