Pass On The Salt; Drought Buster Too Costly–Desalination of Ocean Water Solution Not Cost Effective; Plus Damages Marine Coastal Environment & Raises Water Bills;


California continues to seek to confront water supply issues.
Governor & Activists advocated desalination;
Water district oppose the proposed desalination actions
Would seriously damage the marine coastal environment.
To produce the costliest water of any source available
Also raise water bills for residents and businesses

Poseidon has made clear that it can’t build the $1.4billion plant without huge subsidies
Needs $400 M from Metropolitan Water District & $1.1 B in state government backed bonds.
At this moment, Poseidon doesn’t have a customer for the plant’s output.
Firm holds only a non-binding agreement with the Orange County Water District
Poseidon water would exceed the cost of water from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Poseidon project looks like the worst project under consideration

Recycling & Conservation is the cheapest
Poseidon Water wants to build $1.4 B Plant without public tax money
Goal would be for the plant to convert about 107 M gallons a day of seawater into 50 M gallons of potable water.
Existing technologies & changed water use practices will reduce usage by 30% – 48/5

Poseidon Water CEO says this could be end of desalination solution to drought conditions.


LAT 05 03 22
“This water project is not worth its salt”

Poseidon owned by Canadian firm, Brookfield Assets

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