Get Your Head Set On Straight; Multisensory Enhancements on Metaverse Enable Users to Do Things With Sets as Avatars; Even Do Work & Buy Stuff;


We already experience enhanced forms of VR on the metaverse.
Such as existing internet-based games incorporate a type of VR;
Virtual reality (VR) headsets enable users to do things;
Such as work, meet with friends, shop, & play games as digital avatars.

“Instead of just viewing content — you are in it,” —Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Okay, so seriously, what is the Metaverse?
“I don’t think anybody can say with certainty exactly what the Metaverse is, or what it will be. I think it’s still work in progress,”—John V. Pavlik, a Rutgers University professor of journalism & media studies

Big Tech corporations are building their own versions of the Metaverse
Hope to connect people across the globe on a greater scale.
Corporations intends to be at the forefront of pioneering leap into Metaverse;
Speculators suggest metaverse could be where much of our globalized economy ends up existing.

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