No Home? What Do We Do? Can a Working Plan to Get Homeless People Into Housing Work? Matching Real Needs With Community Resources & Recovery;


Homeless have low appetite for group shelters
Rand survey said loss of privacy cause resistance to leave the street;
Only 30% would accept housing as part of recovery.
Clearing public spaces is major challenge for Homeless Services Authority
Interest in moving into group shelters appears to be low,

Putting people in rooms in a private hotel
Mayoral candidates hyping how many shelters they want to see built for the homeless.
LA City has come to rely heavily on group shelters
Lures people off the streets to enforce revised camping ban, A Municipal Code
Most people want housing, but they also want space to call themselves

Publication: LAT 05 04 22 Issue
Homeless have low appetite for group shelters

Even as LA mayoral candidate pushes to build more homeless people, many homeless resist group shelters

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